08/09/2020 Sunday San Bernardino East 10,691 Unburned, shady Forsee Creek Trail; a 17 mile, 3800'/3800', lovely round trip.

08/23/2020 Sunday Washington Monument & San Bernardino West 10,290 Unburned, shady trail from Angeles Oaks; a 16 mile, 4000'/4000', round trip.

09/13/2020 Sunday San Gorgonio via Fish Creek It's open now, about 20 miles and 4000'/4000'. Do all or part of it.

10/04/2020 Sunday Baldy from Wrightwood Strenuous little used "Backbone Trail," 8 miles each way 4400'-1100'/1100'-4400'. Do all or part of it.

Email me if you'd like to go at MarksHikes@san.rr.com (Please copy and paste)

These trips are designed for coolest summer hiking and minimum crowds.

Due to pandemic, you must drive your own car. Besides health issues, this enables you to take as long or short a hike as you wish. You'll need a Forest Adventure Pass to park, $5/day or $30/annual.

Keep 6 feet away from others unless you are wearing a mask.

Bring a mask to use if you talk to someone and as you pass people on the trail.